Dick Cavett Show: John Huston

John Huston is the guest for this edition of the Dick Cavett show, aired in February 1972.

Huston speaks lovingly of working with Humphrey Bogart, saying that “he was the first choice for all the pictures I did with him and is still my first choice in pictures…I only wish he were here to do them today.” The irony that Huston heartily puffs away on a giant cigar while eulogizing Bogart and writer James Agee (The African Queen), both of whom died from smoking-related illnesses is hard to miss.

“People who know him, or who have drunk with him, or who have worked with him, say that he’s about the best company you can get, if you can stand the pace.”



  1. Gustavo Borges · May 4, 2008

    You’re a stupid man! John Huston is a pedophile. Peter file.

  2. anne · September 23, 2008

    Yes. John Huston was a pedophile.

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