Laerte’s poop gift series.

Brazilian cartoonist Laerte published his poop gift series this week. The question remains: is it funny?

Update: maclaine has pointed out that this is in fact Laerte’s reworking of a joke from 8 years ago:

What is the fixation with excrement? Not that I don’t like it, it’s certainly better than anything by Caco Galhardo, for instance. Although this is not so bad.


One comment

  1. maclaine · April 16, 2008

    In answer to the remaining question, yes. I think it is amusing if you look at the overall picture. In this (still incomplete) series, Laerte demonstrates the power of plastic reformulation to overcome theme repetitiousness. Art here is not in any way seen as an original phenomenon but merely the redrawing of the same joke over and over.

    The second strip assigns new shapes and colours to the same text. The third one distilles its central meaning. The fourth brings a minimalistic ironic approach more akin to nineties sensibilities. The fifth one, my personal favourite, rationalise the incongrous using metaphors.

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