Nothing to See Here

The Bradbury Building, Los AngelesNothing To See Here is a website dedicated to mapping forgotten and “lesser-signposted places” to go. There is a great selection and commentary that will certainly liven up your next vacation. Surely you don’t want to go to the – gasp – Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower! (read: tourist traps). Why not go to The Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, location for nothing less than Blade Runner? You should seize and also drop by Buffy’s House! In New York, The Whispering Gallery is something you probably already visited but never knew; more film buff geekery in the Wicker Man’s Legs in Burrowhead; for those with Ballardian inclinations, the Trinity Car Park in Gateshead sounds like heaven. I would’ve added the The Dakota Building in NYC and Doune Castle in Scotland. (or are those too mainstream?)


One comment

  1. Anne · April 9, 2008

    Hello – thanks for the plug. I wondered about Doune Castle too and couldn’t tell if it’s hugely famous or not famous at all. Depends on who you are I think. I think it would be a good inclusion anyway – if you’d like to contribute anything yourself please do.

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